Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Art Imitates Life (sort of).

 So I'm not even going to lie --  for various reasons, I haven't been feeling so great about things lately.

I really don't want to bore anyone with the details...but I did want to share this illustration. (Click image for larger version)

   Lately, I've been doing what I can to take any negativity I've been feeling and put that energy towards more fruitful things....such as my art.  A couple of days ago I sketched out this character as a happy little experiment. Her name is "Jessa".

Not  only I did wind up liking her enough to flesh her a little bit more in Adobe Illustrator (CS4), but she pretty much sums up how I've felt for the past month or so.

On a very positive note, working on "Jessa" (sad as she is)  seems to have done small wonders for my own self esteem.  I can't say that I'm feeling 100% amazing right now. However, working on "Jessa" has been a nice emotional outlet.  I may wind up creating a few more characters with various apparent "emotional issues" and see if that does any more wonders my  for sanity. ;)

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