Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing: "Mass Media Obsessions and Curiosities"

Today I have been keeping busy with various personal projects -- including one that I have been (admittedly) putting off for too long now:  the down-sizing of my worldly posessions!

Meanwhile, I'm also trying to whip this blog into a little organizational shape, as well.  

Enter this new section of interest :  Mass Media Obsessions and Curiosities.

Further tweaking of this category will probably commence at a later date. However,  Mass Media Obsessions and Curiosities (for now at least) is going to be a catch-all for all the fun  things that inform my work and generally just pique my interest.  It's also a place me for to sound off on some of the things that catch my eye or generally make me go "huh?".

In the end - if it makes me smile or amuses me, then it goes under this headline.

So without further ado, here are a few things  that are doing it for me at the moment:

Here's a little musical flashback:

I recently discovered Stan Ridgway (former Wall of Voodoo frontman), and I completely fell in love with this track:

I had a late-night screening of this movie last night.  It's a definite favorite of mine:

I also watched this documentary last night -- which was quite fascinating: 

One last thing (for now):  If Jimmy Fallon (of all people) can have his own late night talk show, why doesn't this man (Loder - not Manson;) have a regular network show of his own? 

(On second thought -- maybe Manson, too.  That also has the potential to be pretty entertaining...)

The world may never know ;).

Okay -- I'm going back to re-organizing my life.  

Til laters....

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