Monday, April 13, 2009

Mass Media Obsessions and Curiosities

....or : "My life as a full-blown happy WHOligan" ;)

First of all, I have been having an amazing and incredibly cathartic day working on a short series of personal illustrations that deal with dread, personal turmoil, and  depression (among other things) .  It's ultimately very sad subject matter, but it's been an incredible emotional journey and release to work on this project. I've been practically radioactive with happiness over the project all day.  I'm also starting to find satisfying ways to make my cartoon characters less formulaic, so I am extremely excited about exploring new
 territory in terms of my illustrated extended family.

Since I am in such an amazing mood , I would like to take this opportunity to share something else that consistently rocks my world as a person and as an artist.  This is one my biggest creative influences and certainly of the most overall influential rock bands of all time.

I'll admit-- I am hopelessly devoted to :

Exhibit A):

Exhibit B):

See...I told you so. ;)

At any rate, I latched onto them for the first time around high school when I first caught "Tommy" on television by random chance.  I had no idea what I was watching that the time (other than the fact that the outlandish Ken Russel directed flick was certainly unlike anything I'd ever been exposed to before).

All I knew was that the music was driving, the movie was sensory overload at it's finest  and that the curly-haired guy who portrayed "Tommy" was SO damn fine! ;)

I would later find out that "that curly haired guy" with the powerful voice was Roger Daltrey and that the brain behind the rock opera belonged to Pete Townshend.  Keith Moon brought the madness and John Entwisle held down the bass with a quiet, sardonic poise.

Together, they made up ThWho, and they had left an indelible impact on my creative life (as well as my ipod) ever since.

I would like to spare everybody having to read a drawn out blog full of too much more blatent rock star hero worship. I'm pretty sure  that you all appreciate that , and plus - if you really want to know the ThWho's life story (beyond their impact on me) I suggest checking out this movie or this movie, or go here, or here.

What I *WOULD* like to do this evening is leave you with a couple of examples of ThWho in action that have captivated me over the years and have flat out made me a very happy kid, indeed.

This first thing doesn't even feature ThWho performing at all. Pete and Roger (the only two surviving original members) are merely spectators. However, this version of "Love Reign O'er Me" by Bettye Lavette is straight up breathtaking and soulful. This seriously has to be one of the most effective and startling covers that I've heard in my life. Roger and Pete certainly looked like they approved. :)

Here is an incredibly moving version of "Tea and Theater " taken from the conclusion their BBC "Electric Proms" set.

The Who at their prime -- singing "See Me, Feel Me" at the original Woodstock Festival.

Finally -- here is the infamous clip from the "Smothers Brothers" show were Keith nearly blew down the house.....LITERALLY!

This is certainly not the last you'll be seeing of ThWho on "Out the Other Side" -- but this is it for right now . ;)

Time to get back to work my illustration set.... and (now that I think about it) maybe some dinner as well. ;)

Til Laters.....

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