Friday, April 10, 2009

One Pill Makes You Larger....

.... and one pill (apparently) turns you into an incredibly strange tree-like thing:

  No -- I was not under the influence of anything when I created this (unless, of course, you would like to count music  -- in which case I plead guilty to plenty of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, and The Flaming lips during the course of working on this illustration. ;)

Close enough for me *shrugs*. ;)

Anyway, I'm honestly not totally sure were the hell this one came from --other than a dire need to find a more creative outlet for my recently depressed mood.  Happily,  I must say that working on it has kept me in a much better mood lately -- so I guess it's already done part of what it was intended to do. :)  

As evidenced by my crappy "Sad Jessa" character (see previous blog post) , I have been getting back into my character illustrations as of late.  I've found that I tend to do that after working on larger projects because, honestly, it just gives me a mental break.  Characters are much quicker to deal with than, say, motion peices or full-scale booklets. 

 However, because they are usually faster pieces (for me at least) to work on, working on the characters gives me a fun outlet  to fully flesh out multiple ideas relatively quickly.  In other words, they give me a little more creative 'instant gratification' than say , "Memories and Hallucinations" (the production of which drug on for 4 soild months).

So what's next?  Well -- as  I continue to trudge through the rest of this semester (3 more weeks!) I really want to  give this blog some sort of format (or at the very least, a little bit of organization.)  I am also working up  a few characters for for commission -- which is always fun stuff.

Beyond that: I am also playing around with the idea of taking all of my current characters (to date) and create some sort of a "Character Yearbook". Since I'm also looking for a quick way to display a good many of my characters on this blog (so you guys get a better glimpse into the rest of my illustrated family) , I may start searching various jump drives soon for the ghosts of characters past. 

Putting together a mock-up of said  yearbook could be a fun personal project to take me through the rest of Easter Break.

Until then -- check out this video by the Flaming Lips ( this song has been on repeat on my ipod for about a week now and is slowly starting to become my own personal theme song :)

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