Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick...I Need a Distraction! ;)

So let me start out by saying that I am *OFFICIALLY* done with all of my paper least for this semester ;)

Oh yes, it really is that time of the semester. I'm already into the mid-point of my bi-yearly final exam stress-out / freak-out extravaganza! *cues the fireworks* ;)

Thankfully, despite being up to my neck in take home exams, projects and paperwork for the majority of the week....death has not quite befallen yours truly just yet. ;)

Having said that though -- I am ready for a good old fashioned distraction right about now.  Outside of maybe my Contempoary Art exhibition catalog, I currently have no real time to put into creating anything particuarly inspired at the moment (which is kind of a bummer).  I'm still counting down the days 'til I've actually got a little time to breath and make art just for the sake of making something that I love/ am passionate about (*gasp* -- what a concept, huh?).

In the meantime, I will just console myself with  a few happy little digital distractions.

As I mentoned before, I'm pretty happy about how my exhibition catalog (see front cover above) has shaped up.  I had to research and write about three contemporary artists and create a catalog revolving around their work and process. Seeing as how I'm am primarily an illustrator by trade, I focused my entire project around some of the most prominent and hardworking digital illustrators currently in the business.  The artists that I picked for my catalog were Takashi Murakami (inventer of the "Superflat" illustraton style that I'm oh-so-fond of ;), Kam Tang (creater several very awesome /recent album covers; including the cover for Gnarls Barkley's "St.Elsewhere"), and Aaron McGruder (creator of "The Boondocks" comic strip and television show).

Given the fact that every artist I picked either designed for popular music, fashion or television (or some combination of all of the above) I had a really good time writing the text for the catalog. It was so interesting researching these guys that it didn't actually feel like "work"-- which was nice. :) I think that working on it has actually planted a few seeds of inspiration in my little noggin. If nothing else, it made two  things clear to me: 
1) Illustration is not only my passion but I'm really artistically turned on by studying other great illustrators.
2) I really need to get my butt back in front of my sketch pad, pronto! ;)

Other than that , here are my other current favorites:

More Kam Tang! This guy completely rocks my  world right now -- and here is just a few of the  reasons why ;)

"Wax on Radio"

"Obey the Giant"

I am *SO* in love with the new (and FREE!)  screensaver that Toki Doki now has on their website. It gave me a real giggle while I was being a little final exam zombie, at least ;)

Finally, I have recently been watching old Kurt Loder interviews  (because I'm a dork like that ) and had stumbled  across a pretty awesome one that he did back in 1994 with The Rolling Stones.  This , in turn, not only had me missing my old copy of "Voodoo Lounge"....but also made me want to re-visit the video for "Love is Strong".  I had honestly forgotten how much I really loved this David Fincher directed clip. Even though it's roughtly 15 years old (God, really?!) it still holds up and it's just as sexy as ever *ahem*.

It's almost good enough to make The Stones more of  a classic rock obsession for me than  The Who.

....almost ;)

Now enjoy as Mick and company sex it up in this classic video flashback ;)

"Love is Strong" by The Rolling Stones

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