Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thelonius Monk and Alice (take two;)

Here is one more example of some of the fun I've been having lately in Photoshop (above).

This is the alternate version of my "Go Ask Alice" header. Let's just call it the "Think Pink" model. ;)

(Click on image for larger version)

I think that I kind of like this one better than the original, actually. Hmmm....

Anyway -- in all of the jazz heavyweights that I mentioned in my last post, I somehow completely forgot to include an example of Thelonius Monk.

Monk was not only a prolific piano player/bebop composer (pioneer of an extremely sparse/angular playing style) , but also an extremely eccentric human being. Notoriously strange both off stage and on,  he was actually plauged by mental illness the majority of his life (a lot of sources that I've looked at have theorized that he was probably schizophrenic).  

One of the more famous examples of his.....well.....kooky behavior was the fact that the man would play just one or two notes and then  randomly stand up in the middle of playing a set and spin around randomly in circles while the rest of his band carried on behind him.

The man certainly marched to his own drummer -- so to speak.

Anyway, it kind of surprised me that the vast majority of my class didn't like or "get" his music at all. I thought he was an interesting character and a great player.

So interesting, in fact, that I am doing my final presentation/paper on the man -- which I will probably be spending the vast majority of my time this weekend finishing up.  I'll certainly have to update you guys in the future on how that turns out.

In the meantime -- here is a clip of Thelonius Monk from the documentary, "Straight, No Chaser".

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