Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Just Made My Morning!

So in the interest of keeping destractions down to a bare minimum this summer, I decided to do without my tv for the two months that I will be attending summer session.  That has been working out great up until yesterday when my lack of a televison caused me to miss out on Conan Obrien's debut as host of the "Tonight Show".


Thank goodness for that little thing called the internet. I'm looking forward to whenever the full first epispde is posted online so I can finally check it out for myself.  However, if the rest of the show makes me giggle as much as that cold open (above) did, then I'm sure that I will be in for a treat! :)

I've been a big fan of Conan Obrien for many years now.  He's been a source of inspiration for  several of my older artistic projects. (see below)

Circa 2002/03: 

Once upon a time, I even owned a headshot signed by the man himself. I sent him a likeness of himself (that was painted on the outside of the envelope) and he was gracious enough to send me a signed photo which read something like "Christy, Thanks for the cool art! - Conan".

 That autograph, sadly, met an untimely demise by well-meaning family members who were transporting some of my things while I was out of town (damaging the autograph in the process).  In any case,  it was still a cool memento while it lasted. ;)

As strange as it may sound,  Conan is sort of like a hero of mine.  Not only do I think that he's hilarious (his quirky silliness certainly makes me laugh) but the guy is not afraid of a challenge. He started out as a relative unknown underdog (as a writer for "The Simpsons") . Expectations were pretty low for him whenever he was thrown into the gig of replacing David Letterman on the "Late Night" show.  He had never had any prior on-camera television experience and his show was highly panned in the beginning (it was nearly canceled in the very beginning.)

Conan didn't exactly have the odds in his favor when he began "Late Night with Conan Obrien" and yet by the time he taped his final "Late Night" show this past February he was an Emmy winning late night host. His old show was highly experimental and sophomoric but he won over an audience of young insomiacs and Conan even had enough street cred to spare to be called in to host the Emmy's on several occasions.  

...And now he's the 5th host of the "Tonight Show".

He's a former late night underdog who now has the most coveted seat in late night land.  It's kind of inspiring , in a way. 

In any case, I have no idea how Conan is going to do as the "Tonight Show's" new ringmaster.  I predict that there will be a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of experimentation in the months to come.  However, I'm sure that no matter what , it will be a a hell of a lot of fun to watch. :)

Oh, by the way -- I actually have a brand new Conan inspired piece in the works right now (to coincide with his big move to "The Tonight Show". ;)  Keep your eyes peeled for that.  Who knows -- maybe if I send it to him, I can finally get a replacement autograph! ;)

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