Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Last Day of Magic"

So here is my newest artistic contribution to this little blog o' mine. :)

(Click on the image to see a larger version )

It's entitled "Last Day of Magic" (as the blog title implies;) and was inspired VERY loosely (conceptually) on The Kills song of the same name.

At the very least -- the song was looping in my head quite a bit while I was creating this. ;)

I had originally planned on making this into a much darker piece both conceptually and in terms of color pallet.

(Believe it or not, this whole thing started out in shades of dark olive green and black)

 However, after a little bit of experimentation (and after deciding that my characters were looking more "sickly" than anything else under the weight of all of that green) , I ultimately began playing with a more sunset meets pretty apocalypse color theme and the outcome of said experimentation is the end product you see above.

Below is the song that inspired this piece: "Last Day of Magic" by The Kills.

Also -- I'm throwing in a little Regina Spektor for good measure.  Her recent video for "Laughing With" is just a beautiful exercise in surrealism  and a perfect way to (musically) round out the beginning of the end of the summer

I have certainly had iton repeats quite a bit in recent weeks. 

I encourage everybody to pick up her most recent musical contribution, "Far", (if you haven't already).   It truly is an incredibly beautiful and compelling album from start to finish :)

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