Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Amazing Work of Chris Milk

So recently, a fabulous friend of mine turned me on to an amazing (if not incredibly disturbing) music video.

The clip was for Gnarls Barkley's "Who's Gonna Save My Soul". I have been a Gnarles Barkley fan ever since "Crazy" and "Smiley Faces" hit MTV. I went out and bought the "St. Elsewhere" album almost immediately. (I can also go on for pages about that fantastic Kam Tang illustrated album cover....but I'll save that for another post;)

However, not only do I believe that Cee-lo and Danger Mouse have certainly outdone themselves with this soulful and tangible ode to heartbreak, but the video is also beyond sensational.

(Check it out above ;)

I've heard a lot of people call the clip 'disgusting' or 'over the top'.

I respectfully disagree. I believe that this is one of the most beautiful , frank and truthful personifications of heartache that I have ever seen committed to film.

Furthermore, one I watched this clip a few dozen times, I simply had to know more about the director -- Chris Milk.

Chris certainly has an exquiste knack for experimental visual storytelling. Not only are his works visually striking but it is obvious that he looks for new ways to assemble his story so that there is a humanity on display that digs right into your heart muscle (no pun intended. ;)

Chris finds darkly humourous and fasinating ways to depict the human condition. It's like having a visual I.V. full of truth and emotion. I love every second of it! :)

Here is another example of how Chris's unprecedented style and visual language tell the story of someone's full life in a mere 48 seconds.

It's probably the most gripping 48 seconds that I've had the pleasure to lay eyes on in a long time. :)

If you dig the two clips above, pleae check out the rest of Chris' fantastic body of work HERE. He is definitely worth further investigation if you are looking for someone who is visually pushing the envelope. :)

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