Monday, September 21, 2009

"Angry Black Artist" on a Crazy Rainy Day

Yesterday -- work was 9hrs long, fairly boring, and took place on a miserably rainy Sunday. I worked on this little sketch during the lulls:

Not the happiest little guy....but I kinda like him. :)

Speaking of rain -- the unfortunate water damage on the top of this sketch (which occurred today) is due to the flooding blast of rain that has been recently been dumping across western North Carolina. The rain made me and my bag (which had the composition book that contained this sketch) a soggy mess despite my being under an umbrella when the bottom dropped out.

Although my wet notebook left me somewhat mortified, I'm glad that I was able to save this little sketch from floating down river, so to speak.

At least it wasn't my beloved Mac that got wet (which was , thankfully, safe and sound in an art department locker during the storm).

In any case -- I'm currently in the process of spending the next couple of rainy days turning this little sketch into a series of screen prints.

Stay tuned ;)

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