Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conan O'Brien Had a Great Fall...

As most of you who read "Out the Other Side" are probably aware, I've always been a pretty big fan of Conan O'brien. I have a big soft spot for the lanky , pale, Irish guy with the shock of red hair, and quirky sense of humor. I've certainly made no secret of my admiration of him on this blog, at least ;)

He's made me giggle for many years (both on "Late Night" and now with "The Tonight Show").

Whenever possible (which sadly , is next to never these days), I love to end my eveninngs of class, work, and general artistic noodling with the new "Tonight Show" .

Imagine my surprise when I read online that he had sustained a fairly serious head injury while taking a scary fall on the show last Friday. Watch as Conan explains the situation himself :

(Be patient -- this may take a moment to load ;)

Ouch! :(

Bless his heart! All I've got to say to that is while I admire him for trying to be a trooper and push through when he was obviously in no shape to continue hosting a show -- I'm incredibly glad that he got checked out at the hospital.

At least he's fine and able to laugh about it now.

Leave it to Conan to find the humor in minor head trauma. That is just one of many reasons why he's one of my favorites! :)

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