Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Online Store and Another Sweet Surprise!

So, all kinds of fun things are happening lately! Yesterday (on 9/9/09 no less!) marked a pretty big milestone here at "Out the Other Side". A those of you who follow me on Twitter probably already know, I finally debuted the brand shiny new "Out the Other Side" online store at Zazzle (which you can check out HERE! :).

Now all of you guys -- the much beloved and wonderful followers of my art -- can own a little piece of "Out the Other Side" for yourselves.

This may sound a little bit cliche', but despite the fact that any money that I may pocket from the sale of merchandise from the shop will certainly make my bank account pretty happy (especially these days), there are definitely plenty of other reasons that I am excited about bringing "Out the Other Side" to Zazzle. I'm actually just as excited at the prospect of people wearing, drinking out of or (in the future) even skating on my art.

I really dig the idea of applying visual aesthetic to something as ordinary as a coffee cup.

That may sound odd , but there something about that thought that makes me a pretty happy girl. When/if the store really gets rolling (which I realize could take some time. We are in the middle of a recession, after all) I'm going to be pretty interested to see if what I am doing creatively is something that people are willing to pay money for. In any case, I will be updating the "Out the Other Side " online store from time to time (so check the store regularly, kids ;)

The initial response has been pretty warm, so we'll see how this new venture goes. For right now, I'm just extremely excited to see the store finally up and available to all of you out there! :)

Meanwhile -- I am happy to report that not only is the new "Out the Other Side" online store officially open for business . I also have one other fun new surprise that I have in store for you guys.

Those of you who follow my Twitter account may have noticed recently that not only have I added a new URL to my sidebar for the Zazzle shop....but I have also added one to my new video channel as well! :)

After much debate with myself over the last several months, I finally broke down and upgraded my existing account at Vimeo to a "Plus" account!

What does that mean for "Out the Other Side"?

Up to this point, I have by and large only posted my illustration and design work (with a few sketches and paintings thrown in there for good measure ;). However, I also have a few motion projects that I have really been itching to drag out of the vault, dust off and give a proper showing here on the blog.

This is why I invested in Vimeo Plus. Although the folks at Vimeo are amazing and allow you to post 1GB of video/motion content to their site for free, most of my current motion pieces take up quite a bit more memory than that (despite my best attempts and pairing down the file sizes. Unfortunately, that's what being overly ambitious gets you sometimes. :)

Thankfully, Vimeo Plus gives me 5GB/month to play around with, embed links (which will come in handy here), and all of it in delicious HD! Oh yeah....I'm excited. ;)

At any rate, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that my motion projects (both past and future) will finally see the light of day on the web. Not only will you be able to see any past or present motion work on my Vimeo channel (which is currently looking a little empty at the moment ;), but I will also start posting my original motion art content right here on "Out the Other Side" very , very soon! :)

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