Monday, October 5, 2009

"Angry Black Artist" Screen-Print Series

Say hello to some more of the work that I have created on my way to 'screen-printing nirvana'.

Remember that little "Angry Black Artist" doodle that I shared a few posts ago? The one that is now prominently featured in "Out the Other Side's current header?

Well....the little guy now has a home of sorts. ;)

There is a lot that needs to be worked out with this series . I think that it could be conceptually pushed more. I also eventually want to re-invent this series of smaller prints into a series of much larger -- poster sized prints.

However, besides the things that could be worked on...I am pretty proud of just being able to pull this one off technically speaking in a little over a week. The entire thing is comprised of 13 individual tasty layers and a lot of extra hours in the print studio to work out the bugs.

Not bad for a first run, but I'm really itching to see how far I can push this idea . There's still plenty of ink to be slung, my dears. ;)

Stay tuned for more from this series, and in the meantime, enjoy these other selections from the series!


  1. rood afro! :) nice drawing


  2. Thank you, Luca. I'm glad that you're diggin' it. :)