Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The Celtic Knot"

So, in my unbelievable rush to complete design projects admist the giant dust cloud that is my totally slipped my mind that I had one third of a bar and beverage hospitality project due on Monday.


Thank goodness for my lightning fast design skills. ;)

It's a group project in which we are suppost to get together and essentially create an imaginary bar (from the floor plan to the advertisements and the job application....EVERYTHING). It's daunting work, but since I happen to be the only artist in the group, I suddenly found any an all "artsy stuff" being delegated to me by default.

Part of my job was to create an advertisement for our faux bar (which is what you are seeing above). It's a fairly quick poster mock up and considering how quickly I did it ( under an hour or so) , I'm pretty proud of how it came out.

The bar concept is pretty much for an Irish pub. I had no real input on what type of bar this turned into, by the way. I suggested a graphic design themed wine bar / dance club and my group members said 'no'. Oh well...

In any case, my group members (neither of whom are particularly artistically inclined, apparently) pretty much told me that since my schedule is not going to mesh with theirs anytime before the Monday due date, to just make whatever. They're only instructions were to make it green , gold and "pretty".

"Pretty" I can do. ;)

Since I was never really allowed to voice my opinon over what type of bar we were creating, I decided to at least find subtle (or not so tell me ;) ways of creating an atmosphere with my poster that suggested something a little more modern than a traditional Irish pub.

The dark purple and the glowing beer glass actually make me think of more absinthe bar than Irish pub....but I kind of like it anyway. :)

The nice thing is that this giving me hope that I'm still capable of accomplishing something design-wise beyond my characters. The tragic thing is that this has the beginnings of being one of my better digital projects of the semester....and it's not even for a design class. Oh bother...

By the way -- the ultimate irony of me creating a poster for an Irish pub is that I'm actually not a big fan of beer. I'm more of a red wine kind of girl if you want to know the truth. ;)

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  1. Hi Christy,

    your poster makes me thirsty.
    Did you ever try Guinness? it's unlike other beers and I love it... I'm only mentioning this 'cause like you I like red wine too LOL

    cheers (what ever you have),
    Ruud :)