Friday, October 23, 2009

Work in Progress: "Freddie and Kelly"

Before I get into the details of my newest little creation (in progress), allow me to level with you guys for a second. Let me begin by stating that this next to last semester of school is officially kicking my ass up the street and back down it again. :/

With only a little under 3 months left before I do my internship and another 9-ish months til graduation, I would be lying if I said that things aren't getting a little crazy for yours truely right now. Between the pressures of satisfying graduation requirements, my own inner desire to create innovative/ quality work and the ultimate dream for a post undergrad life that doesn't include me living in a nicely painted box on the street ...well.....I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed contemplating how I'm going to make all of this happen.

I know that a lot of other people/ artists go through similar uncertainty all of the time. Transitions are a part of life (and particularly a big part of the life of a creative) and I've certainly experienced my fair share of big life transitions already. However, I'm not entirely sure why graduating college is freaking me out as much as it is and why I'm seriously beginning to question weather or not my current portfolio is going to help me blow up as a professional creative person or leave me with that whole painted box scenario. confessional over. I just needed to get that off my chest. :)

On to "Freddie and Kelly" :

This relatively quick digital "sketch" is actually the bare bones beginnings of my newest screen-print series. This whole thing started out because, for one thing, my fabulous friend, Kelly, has been requesting that I somehow put Queen's Freddie Mercury (the love of her life ;) and herself together as a "couple" in one of my illustrations.

I have been promising her that I would do this for a while but, it was only recently that I started seriously toying around with how I could do this in a way that would not only satisfy Kelly's romantic fantasy quota but would also be a piece that is funny, could stand on it's own artistic merit, and could (hopefully) become a really hilarious screen-print / illustration series.

It didn't hurt that the thought of having Kelly and Freddie Mercury canoodling in a weird alternate universe made me laugh.....which is something I haven't done enough of in the past couple days. Ah, stress.....

In any case, the above illustration, admittedly, doesn't look like much. It's not that much. There's no sugar coating it, kids. ;)

The above illustration is basically an illustration of Freddie (circa 1991) and an illustration of Kelly (circa.....whenever ;) placed next to each other. Theres a little bit of prospective starting to happen here (that I'm pretty happy about) , but not enough hot n' heavy-ness going on between Kelly and Freddie to write home about.

Frankly, if this is suppose to be Kelly trying to get it on with Freddie Mercury (which, of course, could ONLY happen in an alternate universe for several reasons ), then this piece frankly suffers from some serious issues with believability.

However (in my defense), this is a quick n' dirty illustration that I did for for a screen - print for a critique. It's nowhere near "finished" to my standareds....but considering recent time constraints, it was "done enough" for the critique. ;)

Despite having brought an admittedly half realized idea to a critque setting, I was actually happy to get feedback that is turning out to be a big catalyst for pushing this little "sketch" to an insane and interesting level (both technically and conceptually). The idea of having Kelly chase Freddie around with a butterfly net , for instance, is just something that is just too funny and ridiculous to not bring to fruition somehow. ;)

I also get to bring joy to Miss. Kelly who not only gets to play house with Mr. Mercury in my alternate universe, but also totally got an illustrated boob job and tummy tuck in the bargain. It's my pleasure to bring these two crazy kids together.:)

Speaking of Mr. Mercury -- here is "I'm Going Slightly Mad". This is video that partially inspired the illustration and also just happens to be my all-time favorite Queen video. :)

Now that I'm thinking about it, it's also a pretty pitch perfect summation of life on "Planet Christy" at the moment, as well.

Hold on to your soul....we've got a long way to go. ;)

Oh -- one more thing : Did anyone else realize that Elton John is in the gorilla suit? That just makes me giggle ;)

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  1. Love the way that's coming along - I'll be excited to see where you go with it.

    Also, check out my blog - I gave you an award!