Sunday, November 15, 2009

Original Motion Content -- "Breathe and Bleed"

So after a long 7 month hiatus from creating any time based art, I decided to kiss and make up with Adobe After Effects and invest some time into a little experimentation.

If you happen to recall my very first post here on "Out the Other Side" (which you can find HERE ;) , I talked at length about my "Memories and Hallucinations" project (which has yet to have it's official debut on this blog). That particular project is approximately 5 minutes long, completely drawn/digially illustrated by hand and took around 4 months to complete.

I carefully and painstakingly fussed over every detail of "Memories" and to say that it was an ambitious undertaking is a gross understatement.

It was such an ambitious undertaking that I kind of didn't want to touch After Effects for a very long time after that. :/

Don't get me wrong -- motion graphics are definitely among my many artistic passions. However, I believe that after 4 months of working on the same thing....I just got a little burnt out. It happens, I suppose.

"Breathe and Bleed " is no where near as technically ambitious (and can honestly use a little more fine tuning), but it is very loose and experimental. More than that - it's much shorter than most of my moving creations. Anyone who has seen some of my motion work can tell you that this is a pretty big breakthrough for me. I really tried to challenge myself to visually say what I needed to in a minute or less. I'm kind of proud of myself for actually self editing for time and am quite pleased with how I managed to shape this into a somewhat compelling piece on a very tight work schedule.

I'll admit, self editing my work is a skill that I need to spend a little more time on. Artistically, I tend to thrive on eclectic extravagance, but it's pretty amazing what you can do when you give yourself certain limits. With time and practice I hope to one day get better at setting those creative boundaries for myself.

As for the concept behind "Breathe and Bleed" -- I'm just going to leave that up to all of you to interpret it. It's a pretty open ended piece and I have my own thoughts about were I was at personally and mentally when I was working on it. However, I don't really want to get into all of that now. I just hope that everybody has a good time watching it. :)


  1. I really enjoyed that, Christy. The pacing and timing is really nice and I like the limited color palette. Great organic evolution.


  2. Thank you very much, Ciara. I really wanted to try something a little different than my usual aesthetic. I do not know if you have seen some of the commercials for the HD music channel 'Palladia' , but those spots inspired the limited color pallet and the overall feel of metamorphosis. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. :)

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  4. Why thank you very much, Hence. I'm really diggin' your blog as well. :)