Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneak Peak: "Out the Other Side {dot} com"

So it should probably come as no surprise that I have been (as always) a very busy girl this past week while on "vacation". Check out the evidence below:

Recently, I have been hard at work designing the layout for what will eventually be "Out the Other Side's" official website. It's taken me a several re-designs and a good bit of time, but I think that I'm finally getting around to developing a look for the official site that's :)

There's still a hell of a lot of work to be done (including the tedious tweaking of the navigation on the interior pages). However, I'm pretty happy with how the buttons on my opening page are turning out (which is what you are seeing above). I ultimately wanted something splashy, colorful, graphical and fun that showcases some of my strange little characters. I believe that I am well on my way towards meeting all of that critieria thus far. ;)

In any case, I'm getting pretty excited about the fact that "Out the Other Side {dot} Com" could actually look.....well....professional!

Me? Professional? Who would have thunk it? ;)

Seriously, my ultimate goal with the layout is to give off a professional and polished vibe while still leaving some of my own funkiness and personality intact . I want to show off my craft in a way that also showcases my technical skill, some level of professionalism and (as always) my ever present kookiness. It's a fine line to walk but I'm hoping that my design (to date) is beginning to reflect a little bit of my own controlled chaos.


  1. loving the pages so far! professional and yet still keep in touch with your illustrative side!

  2. Christy, I love your work- it seems that Originality is slowly dying within the design community ( as everyone simply seems to be emulating & ehemm..ripping off everyone else's work ) ; your work does in NO WAY fall into that category :) I believe w/ conviction that your new site will ROCK and probably put most other design sites to shame ! personally speaking : I cant wait to see the end result ( and write about it ! - as it is getting harder & harder to find Artists who are not copy cats & DONT SUCK ! ) BTW: your bio- sounds as if youre describing me ( except that I dont sit there creating 'artsy fartsy ' stuff LOL - just trying to find interesting things to write about instead ! :)) So, when will your new site be up & running ? now you got me curious & dying in antici....pation ! ( that was my writable imitation of Tim Curry's Frankensfurter ! LOL )


  3. Jared -- I'm so glad that you are diggin the new pages, darlin'. It really means a lot to me that somebody likes them (my academic advisor at school wasn't so keen on the layout. He thought that the characters on the front page were way too 'cute'....among other things. :/

    Mia, Thank you so, SO much for your beautiful compliments. I strive very hard to present something within my work (and on my blog ;) that represents something funky, fun and (most importantly) original. I try hard to push that originality to new and bizarre heights with every new project. I'm so glad that this comes through and that you dig it so much. I'm flattered that my biography mirrors yours. I am am absolutely in love with your work and style as well. Also -- "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (and it's sequel - "Shock Treatment") are two of my favorite movies! ;)