Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work in Progress: "Chelsea Interactive Dress-Up Doll"

First things first : go ahead and click on the clothes below and drag them over to Chelsea so she's not roamin' around in her underthings. ;)

After an amazing (and highly productive) weekend, it is with much excitement that I present my newest work in progress! However, before we get into the piece, here is a little aside:

Anyone with insight into my creative process can tell you that despite my ever growing proficiency with most things Adobe, Flash and I have had a particularly rocky relationship for some time now.

More specifically -- my relationship with Action-Script is a particularly difficult one.

I realize that in my last post that I said something similar about my working relationship with Adobe After Effects. This is slightly different though. After Effects and myself took a small break despite the fact that working with that program is generally joyful for me. Flash and I, on the other hand, have practically gotten restraining orders from each other and refuse to answer each other's phone calls.

Bottom line -- outside of being able to create some fun stuff involving roll overs and some stop-motion pieces (that could have just as well have been created in After Effects), my magical powers in regards to exploiting Flash's interactivity are painfully limited. :(

Recently -- I got really brave and decided to work towards changing that a little. :)

It has always been a big dream of mine to do something interactive with these bizarre little characters of mine. However, interactivity usually goes hand in hand with having a decent command of Action Script (at least....where Adobe Flash is concerned).

I am notoriously horrible when it comes to working with Action Script! I'm not even going to try and sugar-coat that fact.

I always manage to screw up little things in the code (which , if you have worked with Flash, you know that this isn't hard to do). My clumsiness with the code usually leads to a lot of tiny mistakes. This usually leads to a piece where nothing works and a good bit of irritation from yours truly. ;)

That brings us to the above piece -- The "Chelsea Interactive Dress-Up Doll" (in progress).

If you go and start dragging around the items of clothing on the piece, you will find that you can "dress" Chelsea in several different configurations of clothes.

Conceptually, it's not much (and yes, I do realize that this is about the third or 4th time that 'Chelsea' has made an appearance in one of my little experiments. What can I say.....I dig her;).

However -- I am beyond proud of the fact that (with the help of one of my professors and a Flash tutorial book) I managed to figure out enough Action Script to make all of those clothes drag around the screen. That's a pretty big technical milestone for me if you really think about it.

I could not be happier that I've managed to pull this simple effect off. It makes me kind of excited about how far I can go with Flash in the future. :)

In the meantime, feel free to click, drag, and explore the "Chelsea Interactive Dress-up Doll". It is my sincere hope that this piece is the beginning of many more exciting things to come! :)

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