Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Hiatus, the Good News and the Not So Good....

Well , it's officially crunch time folks and it's looking like any new "Out the Other Side" content will have to go on the back burner for a little bit. With final exams coming up for me on Monday, I felt that this would be as good a time as any to take a small hiatus from blogging so I can concentrate on final exam preparation fun-ness. Oh yay! ;)

However, before I close up shop for a little bit, I do have a few huge updates to share with you guys.

This has been a huge week for me and for "Out the Other Side". To say that it's been kind of a surreal whirlwind is a pretty gross understatement. For one thing, I am am still hard at work putting together the epic that is "Out the Other Side {dot} com". It's been an ambitious project and a lot of sweat and hard work have gone into putting it together. However, I'm really proud of the end result so far and cannot wait to go live with the official site sometime soon-ish.

Having said that, I am not making any promises about the official launch date as of yet. I would ideally like to have the site up and running before the new year. We'll have to see how things look after I get done with finals and assess the amount of work that's still needs to be done. Stay tuned for more on all that later. :)

Meanwhile, this week in particular has brought with it an amazing opportunity, a little bit of unexpected drama (that I'd actually rather not get into here) and possibly some unfortunate news for yours truly.

However -- first the good stuff. As of Monday, I found out that I officially have an interview with Primal Screen in Atlanta Georgia. Primal Screen is a multi-platform design firm that creates animation, dynamic interactive media and motion graphics (among many other amazing things) for the likes of Nickelodeon, PBS Go, Sprout, the Sundance Channel and others.

Oh yeah....this is pretty huge stuff! I cannot tell you how excited I am about landing this opportunity and I look forward to having the guys at Primal Screen look over my stuff and (at the very least) give me some constructive feedback on my current body of work. I can't wait!

Now for the not so fun part. If I am selected for this internship, the only time that they can take me is the summer. The sad bottom line for me is that this will cause me to graduate later than expected and leaves me with 6 months between now and June that I will technically not be doing much of anything with myself due to the fact that I have already satisfied every other requirement for my undergraduate degree program.

Six months of inactivity while waiting on an internship is just not going to be great for my creative juices (or my sanity).

I'm already pretty upset over this sudden change of plans and that I will now have to wait until summer to graduate. I was banking on having my degree by May. I really had my heart set on promptly moving on to a stage in my life that wasn't so directly governed by class schedules and academic advisors. More than that, I'm scrambling to try and figure out what the next 6 months are going to have in store for me. Honestly, I am strongly considering registering for one last semester at my university and just biding my time working my day jobs, saving money, going to class and taking freelance gigs when I can.

At least that way, I won't suddenly find myself being grossly unproductive and unemployed for 6 months. I'm painfully aware that the economy is still pretty lousy right now and frankly, I'm skeptical as to weather I will find even a grunt job within 6 months with no degree.

However, I currently hold down two day jobs at school. In a way, if I'm going to be stuck somewhere....wouldn't it be nice to be "stuck" somewhere were I can still earn some green in the meantime?

As much as I want to try and put a positive spin on the possibly delayed graduation, it's still a little sad for me that sucking it up for one more semester may be the best option both financially and logistically for me at this time.

However, I'm not sure if you guys got the memo, but I'm kind of a workaholic. That may actually be an understatement in my case. ;)

In other words, 6 months with nothing to do would pretty much kill me. I could always try to chance it and try to get something off the ground in my (very small) hometown for those six months. However, the chances of me finding a job are far worst there than if I were to stick close to the university. Then there would be the gross lack of fellow creatives to interact with and creatively stimulating fun to be had. Not fun at all, kids:/

The bottom line is that if staying in school for a little while longer is the only way that I can get to Primal Screen and get a real shot at my dream (without loosing my damn mind in the process), then that's a personal sacrifice that I am willing to make. What's a few more months in school just to keep my sanity intact compared to a chance at a dream job? The choice seems pretty clear cut to me. ;)

Is this situation ideal? It is if it will help me get an opportunity to really reach my full potential and and really make something of myself. I've come too far and have worked too hard already to not move heaven and earth to make this work somehow.

I realize that life is all about sacrifices and trade-offs. Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable for a while to get to those opportunities that will (hopefully) ensure that you will be living much more conformably in the future. The cool thing about sacrifice, though, is that when you finally struggle for so long ....the prize at the end of the rainbow is just that much more sweet. Following your passions, I feel, is well worth any struggle. Isn't that what being a "starving artist" is all about? ;)

A chance to intern/work at Primal Screen is definitely worth any discomfort that I may have to go through in the meantime. It's a dream gig and I'm certainly not too far gone to recognize that those dream gigs are more than worth fighting for. It's not like they come around everyday. :)

In any case, despite my disappointment over suddenly extending my college stay way longer than I originally intended to, I am truly more trilled and grateful about the interview (and possible internship) than disappointed. This is still a huge opportunity and I would be a complete idiot to not jump through whatever hoops I needed to to make sure that I give myself a fair shot at landing an internship with an amazing design company that could really catapult me way past being just another 'starving artist'.

Wish me luck and we shall see in the coming months if this all ultimately pans out in my favor. I sure hope that it does. ;)

Meanwhile, check out Primal Screen's site HERE and get excited. I know that I sure am! :)

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