Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Original Motion Content : "Buggin'"

The above piece is not only my latest creation but it is also a little exercise in creative restraint (believe it or not).

"Buggin'", while still as wildly experimental and colorful as some of my past pieces, is an exercise in restraint because I am continuing to work hard at containing my motion art to a minute or less.

Picking up the pace has certainly presented itself with it's own set of challenges, but ultimately, I am more satisfied with this end result than I was with "Memories". This should have been a no-brainer to me before, but an average person's attention span is not particuarlly accomodating to long, lingering, dream like motion epics. In an age where commercials and televison are full of quick camera edits and lots of breakneck action, anything much longer than 30 seconds is just going to get boring. Period.

As discussed in the previous post, pacing in motion work is a skill that I need to work on (well....that is if I don't want to unintentionally put my whole audience to sleep. ;)

Now that I've started to become more confortable with cramming more visual information into a smaller time frame, my next big challenge is to tell more of a visual story in a shorter time. While this particular piece is flashy and was a blast to work on, I still think that it's lacking a good bit in the narrative department.

However, even if "Buggin'" bears no real story line and is possibly still a hair too long, it think that giving myself time restrictions was ultimately a very positive thing. I certainly intend on further working on pacing and the length of my pieces and I cannot wait to share the results of said experiments soon on "Out the Other Side". ;)

That's about it for now. However, before I wrap this post up, I wanted to share with you guys a little of what inspired the style and color pallet of "Buggin'".

The following music video is entitled "Y a Dez Zazous" . It is by French avant garde legend, Brigitte Fontaine and the very funky multi-instrumentalist, Mathieu Chedid (aka "M").

Chedid has become something of a musical obsession of mine lately (and he will be discussed at length in a later post;)

In any case, as kitchy and strange as this clip is, I found it to be delightfully bright and graphical. I think it was a nice reminder for me of how employing simple, graphical elements into a motion piece in the right ways can lend it's own sense of depth and sophistocation to a piece. Lets check it out, shall we? ;)

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