Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing with My New Toy...

So as a belated Christmas gift to myself (and as sort of a reward for surviving a particularly challenging semester/year), I treated myself to a new digital drawing tablet this year!

Is it a Wacom?

No...it is not. However, I love it just the same. ;)

Unless, I would like to put a substancial dent into my "ATL Apartment" money, a Wacom (or at least one of any substantial size) is just not financially in my future at the moment. Seriously, in this recession....is it really in anybody's price range right now?

However, thanks to a little research and a holiday sale that is currently going on at Computer Geeks.com (and you know you want to check that out right over HERE ;) I got an amazingly good deal on a nice starter tablet.

I wound up settling for an 8x6'' Digipro Drawing Tablet, and while it doesn't contain all of the bells and whistles of a Wacom Tablet (or even the insanely soupped up new Apple Tablets that are about to debut in a few weeks), it does it's job.
For the cheap-ish price tag ($44), I have [so far] found the Digipro to be a nice alternative to the Wacom for beginning tablet users (such as myself) and starving artists on a tight budget.

The pad also boasts 512 levels of pen pressure. Even though this pales in comparison to the Wacom Intusos four's 2048 levels of pen pressure, you can still do a lot of cool things with the limited pen pressure. Honestly , if you know how to manuver your advanced brush settings in Photoshop (plus your flow and opacity levels) you can still stretch the Digipro's Pen a bit further than you may think for the price.

Ultimately, what made my descison to go cheaper was size. While I could have gotten a smaller Wacom Intuos (or even a Bamboo model) the only sizes that I could afford were ....well....teeny-tiny.
Since I really more space than a large index card to draw on (and didn't want to pay upwards of $300 for the privelege) I decided to take a gamble on a cheaper (but larger) model.

So far, I'm pretty happy and incredibly excited about my new pad.
It may not be all that fancy (and possibly a tad ghetto) , but it's totally functional and does what I need it to. That's good enough for me at the moment. ;)

Besides, there will always be plenty of time for an upgrade later. For my first tablet, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. In fact , I'm practically dancing with excitement because the bottom line is that owning a tablet at all is going to open up my digital work so much. This little tablet could just be what the doctor ordered to get me out of this end-of-year creative rut I've started to get into lately.

Speaking of the tablet, the above two images are a couple of 'test sketches' that I did with the Digi pro while test driving it. I must say, it feels really liberating to just.....um....skribble! ;)

Needless to say -- I've been having a lot of fun playing with my new toy *ahem* ;)

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