Monday, January 18, 2010

All They are Sayin' Give Conan a Chance!

This was the cry of many, many rain-drenched CoCo fans and anti-Jay protesters this afternoon in Los Angeles.

Today, NBC and Conan's people wrap up negotiations revolving around his untimely exit (his last "Tonight Show" is scheduled to be taped this Friday). However, this did not stop a large swarm of his fans from coming out in force and rallying around NBC Universal in LA the RAIN, no less!

I'll admit, if it were a tad more convenient (and not economically ridiculous) for me to fly out to LA myself, then my fluffy behind would have DEFINITELY been standing outside in the rain to show my support.

Is that a lil insane? Perhaps.....but then again, you're talking to the chick who painted this 6ft tall Conan painting when she was still in high school:

Needless to say, I've always been a long-time team CoCo member. Having said that, I'm not particularly convinced that all of the rallying is going to actually change the fact that Conan's "Tonight Show" will be no more after Friday. However, I'm sure that it's cool for Conan to see that his unorthodox legion of fabulous followers have his matter where he winds up.

On a related note, Jay Leno is set to tell his side of all of this mess on "The Jay Leno" show tonight. Although I'll be sad to see Conan go this week, it will be interesting to see how this whole disaster pans out in the long term for both men.

We shall see. :)

Meanwhile, check out a few of the highlights from today's rainy pro-CoCo fan rally :

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