Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Night (For Now), Conan.

Tonight was Conan O'brien's last as host of the "Tonight Show". Although it was (for good reason) a bittersweet moment for me as a longtime fan of his, I will say that I laughed a lot and was very happy to see him making the most of an unbelievably tough situation.

More than that , though, Conan left "Tonight" with southern rock cool and a hell of a lot of class.

Conan had every right to verbally hammer the final nail into NBC for everything that they have put him and his staff through. He had every right to be angry on-air. He had every right to be openly bitter and cynical about his future.

He was none of these things. Instead, he honestly acknowledged the differences that he and NBC are currently happening.

He then, with no outward sense of bitterness or sarcasm, thanked the network for giving him any opportunity at all and for being his TV home for nearly 20yrs.

After it was all said and done.....Conan left "Tonight" on his own terms while taking the high road.

A real class act to the end. :)

Because of that, I've never been more proud to call myself a true fan of Conan O'Brien than I am tonight.

I sincerely look forward to what the future holds for Mr. O'Brien and his staff. It will, no doubt, be a rough 7 months for me without that fabulous pompadour lighting up my TV every night.

However, I'm sure that I'll manage. There's always Letterman and Craig Ferguson over on that other network, I suppose. *shrugs* ;)

In the meantime, lets take a look at Conan's momentary television farewell from earlier tonight. Fair warning, you may need a box of tissues standing by after this video, kids. ;)

Until later.....'Good night, CoCo!' ;)

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