Friday, January 22, 2010

Peter Gabriel and "Music for Relief"

This evening has been a little bit crazy over on my end so, unfortunately, there will will be no music video director spotlight today. Thank you everybody who has commented on those posts, though. I was pleasantly surprised that so many of you dug those pieces and got something out of them. They were certainly a hell of a lot of fun for me to write. I may bring those back periodically in the stay tuned and thank you again. :)

What I did want to touch on really quickly is this video that I just stumbled a bit ago.

Peter Gabriel has been one of my all-time favorite musicians for years now. He's definitely up there on my top ten. ;) I'm not only a fan of his musicianship but I also look up to him as an innovator in his craft and a staunch supporter of world music and humanitarian concerns.

To that end, it definitely piqued my interest to see this very somber cover version that he did of David Bowie's "Heros" show up on this evening. The track is currently available for download at along with previously unreleased tracks by All-American Rejects, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morrisette, Linkin Park, Slash, and more.

I strongly encourage all of you to take a moment, go to and download some great music for FREE.

Not only will you get an opportunity to add a few excellent tunes to your digital music arsenal, but you also have an opportunity there to say 'thanks' for your free musical gift by donating to the on-going Haiti earthquake relief effort. 100% of all donations that come into go straight to the Haiti earthquake victims. Seriously, what better deal can you ask for?

As I said, please check out Music for Relief , give what you can and get some amazing tunes in the bargain. On a related note, please also check out the "Hope for Haiti" concert that will be simulcast this evening on pretty much every major network (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc) as well as several cable outlets (MTV, VH1, etc). Check your local listings.

Meanwhile, lets take a quick look at this gorgeous Gabriel updated Bowie classic, "Heros", against the backdrop of some of the more devastating and heartbreaking photos from the Haiti earthquake aftermath.

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