Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please Contribute to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

The earthquake that occurred about a week ago in Port au Prince Haiti is an undeniable tragedy. The loss of life and general destruction that that country has sustained has been indescribable. Right now, there is a desperate need for immediate assistance to treat the wounded and dying (since most of their primary medical facilities and hospitals have been destroyed). Also -- the need to get aid money, food, water and supplies to them is critical as is the need to evacuate everybody who can be safely evacuated (particularly the critically wounded so they can have a better chance at proper care.)

As people there scramble to find alternative places to live and scramble for food, the struggle to survive is leading to the people of Haiti to even become violent amongst themselves in order to survive.

I realize that in the broad scheme of things, "Out the Other Side" is just a silly (and practically microscopic) art/entertainment blog that exists in the vastness of cyberspace. Generally, I view my function within the blog community as an artist and a sudo-source for entertainment and comic relief. I try to bring fun , engaging, and sometimes completely irrelevant content to this thing whenever time permits .

However, that being said, there are obviously bigger things going on in the world that we should be aware of. The tragedy in Haiti is something that we should all be paying attention to (if we are not by now). It may take years for Haiti to rebuild it's beautiful country and obviously , emotional wounds and aftermath from this will take much longer to deal with.

I pretty much have no power or influence whatsoever (given that I am just a student with a blog). However, if I can do anything to do my part financially or in terms of raising awareness among my fellow creatives on how they can help contribute to the short term and long term relief efforts going on in Haiti, then I will certainly do my part.

If you are interested in contributing money or time to the Haitian rescue relief, here are a few places that I encourage you to check out as soon as you can:

--To contribute to the Red Cross effort in Haiti, Text 90999 to the word "Haiti" to donate immediately the relief effort.

You can also go to for more information or call 1-800 -REDCROSS to see how you can contribute/ help.

--Also, check out Unicef (where you can make a secure, tax deductible donation to the relief effort). You can go on line or call 1-800-367-5437 to donate by phone.

-- You can also go to Habitat for Humanity's website to see how you can contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti. Call (212)-991-400 for more information.

If you are currently reading this from NYC, you can contact:
The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
Once Centre Street,
23rd Floor,
New York, NY

You can also call 212-788-7794 to see how you can contribute to Haiti tough the Mayor's Fund to Advance NYC.

Actor Ben Stiller has been lending his efforts to both the general earthquake relief and has also set up a website to rebuild schools in Haiti called "Stiller Strong" (think Lance Armstrong and "LiveStrong").

In any case, if you would like to check that out and make a donation to the Haiti relief effort, go to and make a donation.

Other things to look out for :

-- Actor George Clooney and MTV are teaming up to host a relief telethon. On Friday, January 22 (next Friday), Clooney will appear in a bi-coastal telethon and fundraiser on all MTV network channels (which includes CBS, NBC, ABC, and all associated cable channels). All proceeds will go towards the relief efforts in Haiti.

-- Also ( for all of you fellow "Pro-Conan O'Brien" kids out there), Mike Mitchell, creator of the artwork for the "I'm with CoCo" online movement (see art below), is also lending his support to Haiti. He currently has some "I'm with CoCo" t-shirts and prints up on his website and $1 from every shirt purchased will go to Planet Peace (which will in turn, go straight to the Haiti recovery effort.

There will also be several "I'm with CoCo" rallies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle. Also, there will be specific "I'm with CoCo" benefit for Haiti coming up in the next week. Any money collected at any of these events will go to benefit Haiti. Click HERE for more information on these events.

-- You can buy an "I"m with CoCo" t-shirt HERE and you can donate directly to Planet Peace HERE

Thank you all for your time and please , if you have anything that you can spare (no matter how small the amount), please contact one of these above organizations and give to the Haitian relief effort as soon as you can!

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