Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brand New Illustration and THE WHO!

The title of this blog is a little bit deceiving. This illustration is not exactly shiny new. I've actually been noodling around on this one since around mid-December.

However, for some reason, it taken me until now to get it fine tuned enough to show off. ;)

Anyway -- while I'll be the first to admit that this piece re-treads over a little bit of conceptual territory (check out the blog header ;), I was pretty excited about experimenting with new digital techniques here.

I started this piece (which s currently entitled "Life Drawing") shortly after I received my beloved digital tablet over X-mas holiday. Needless to say, the tablet has definitely opened up my work in terms of texture and shading possibilities (see image detail below).

Very exciting stuff. ;)

Even though this was basically a 'test illustration' that I did while getting used to my new tablet, I'm pretty happy with the end result. I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish with my new gadget. ;)

Meanwhile, I am practically beside myself with excitement because of this weekend's Super Bowl halftime line-up:

Mmmmmm.....Roger Daltrey. ;) <3

*Ahem* -- At any rate, the remaining members of THE WHO are going to rock Florida's Sun Life Stadium off of it's foundation this Sunday. Because of this, I could not be a happier Wholigan right now! ;)

I seriously haven't been this excited about a Super Bowl halftime since Prince did his thing in the rain back in 2007. ;)

Anyway, lets check out a couple of my many favorite live moments with Pete, Rog, John, and Keith :

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  1. Ahhh..yes- the good ol' days of Rock N Roll before it was corrupted by the damn media moguls and the Industry. The WHO were one of my favorite bands and still are ( irony is : I was listening to them prior to landing on ur page ). Baba O'Riley will def be one of my all time favorites throughout the Rock of Ages ! The lyrics ( as well as the music ) is indisputably one of the best songs ever written to define the age of the early 70's and the generation of that time . I was so in love w / Roger Daltrey - damn - I believe I still am , every time I see him I still get a fuzzy warm feeling inside :D
    **BTW: Happy ( belated ) Birthday Christy - I hope every year which passes brings forth great new beginnings and the doors of opportunity swing wide open for you . Overall : Wishing you much happiness , joy, health , prosperity and success in all of your life & career endeavors !

    [* I am featuring two of your works in my new article The New Masters of Illustration They're incendiary as the rest of your works ! ]

    Hope to catch you within the vestiges of cyberspace :)
    Hugs across the miles :