Sunday, February 7, 2010

Halftime Highlights with The Who....and a Very Intriguing Super Bowl Commercial

So it's definitely no secret (especially among those who know me personally) that I have been practically giddy with excitement since hearing that The Who were going to take the stage at Super Bowl XLIV.

Their performance tonight certainly did not disappoint! :)

Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend and company blazed trough an electrifying 12 miniute set of classic Who hits that included "Pinball Wizard", "See Me, Feel Me (Listening to You)", "Baba O'Riley", "Wont Get Fooled Again", and "Who Are You?".

Although there were really no surprises in terms of the set list (not that there needed to be), the performance was energetic and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

It's almost hard to believe that The Who have enjoyed a career that has spanned nearly 46 years and counting (wow!). However, don't let the age on these guys fool you. Tonight, Townshend and Daltrey (along with Pino Palladino on bass and Zak Starkey holding it down on drums) ripped it up and more than proved that they can out-rock youngins more than half their age.

Add in a state of the art LED light show to the mix (which harkens back to the band's 1970s hey-day when they incorporated a grandiose laser show to their live act) and you have one of the more electrifying Super Bowl Halftime shows in recent memory.

All this....and not a wardrobe malfunction in sight (unless , of course, you want to count Pete Townshend repeatedly flashing his belly button as a 'wardrobe malfunction'. ;)

Oh, and did I mention that Roger Daltrey was looking fabulous as ever in world's cutest jacket?
Because he totally was. *Melts* ;)

All in all, a great performance that left me a very happy Wholigan.

In case you missed it, here it is....

Meanwhile, a very strange Late Night War / Superbowl crossover occurred courtesy of "World Wide Pants Inc" and CBS's advertising department. This very intriguing (and funny) Super bowl commercial starring Oprah Winfrey and long time late night rivals, David Letternan and Jay Leno hit the airways during the big game tonight :

Given Jay's recent image troubles (thanks to his canceled show and very publicized Late Night feud with Conan O'brien) and the fact that Jay and Letterman have had their own differences with each other, it's kind of shocking to see them willingly sharing advertising time together.

Obviously, this is a publicity stunt of some sort. However, particularly given Letterman's open animosity towards Jay throughout the years (and even recently as Jay has been depicted of ousting his Late Night successor, Conan), it does beg the question why either one of these guys would agree to do a commercial with each other after so many years of public in-fighting?

There is definitely a lot more to this than a simple plug for Dave's show.

Curiouser and curiouser. I can't wait hear the details about this one. ;)


  1. Christy,

    thanks for the vids. I love The Who but we don't have superbowl in my country. I'm sure Pete is in his second, or maybe third youth LOL hence the bellybutton issues ;) But dang, they sure rock and I love they played 'Baba O'Riley'. A few years back I had the pleasure of seeing them play live at the 2nd Live Aid concert. Some say Pink Floyd were the best that night, other's say U2 with Paul McCartney were... well, they are all wrong! The Who rocked hardest and best!

    Btw the drummer's name is Starkey not Starsky as you write. He's the son of... but I'm sure you knew that. ;p

    Love your blog & art, keep posting.

    Ruud :)

  2. Hi Ruud!

    Long time, no see! :) I am very glad that I could hook you up to those half-time videos. I agree that THE WHO were definitely the highlight of "Live 8" by far. I am super jealous that you got to see them in person though. I bet that they are just breathtaking live. ;)

    Thank you very much for correcting my spelling. I think that I got Ringo's surname and "Starsky and Hutch" confused

    My spelling boo-boo has been noted and corrected my dear thank you again! :)

    Also-- thank you for continuing to dig the blog! I am always happy to read your comments and commentary (particularly on my jazz or classic rock related posts ;).

    Thank you again! :)

    Christy :)