Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Illustration : "CoCo and The Chin in Late Night Hell"

Wow -- talk about being extremely tardy to the party! Is my newest illustration even relevant anymore?

Well... based on all the suspense surrounding Jay Leno's tragic return to the "Tonight Show" a few nights ago and all of the excitement still being generated on the 'I'm With CoCo' Facebook group (and elsewhere), I'm going to say 'yeah'.

'Yeah' -- this is still pretty relevant. ;)

Let me first apologize for being a bad 'COCOnut' and not posting this one to the blog sooner. I actually leaked it to the aforementioned "I'm With CoCo" Facebook group about a week or so ago. However, as I prepare for an internship this summer and a big move shortly thereafter...lets just say that life sort of got in the way of posting anything substantial about it here at "Out the Other Side".

Damn that life -- keeping me away from writing my blog and reading CoCo's sweet tweets :

(Click image for larger screenshot ;)

Oh well...

This whole illustration originally came about through an assignment I was recently given (and ultimately, went a little wild with ;). We were challanged to look at old broadside literary and/or political posters and then create one of our own.

With a world full of real-life problems, there was certainly a lot of heavy subject matter that I could have dissected and used as fodder for a poltical-type poster. However, I decided to keep the overall theme fairly light and instead opted to use 2010's epic late-night war as a bouncing off point for something potentially awesome.

Awesome or not -- this was a lot of fun to do!

Not only did it give me yet another excuse to drag Conan kicking and screaming into another one of my art pieces, but I also seized the opportunity to try out some new things technically/visually.

I embraced a lot of hand-drawn type and an intentionally sketchy/ hand drawn look in this piece. I believe that if nothing else, the end result is a great deal more organic looking than some of the stuff I've done in the past.

I am definitely excited about the prospect of utilizing more organic / hand drawn elements into my finished pieces. I think marrying these aesthetic ideas with things that I've done in the past will certainly make my visual vocabulary that much more richer in the end.

Now -- lets get back to the "I'm With CoCo" Facebook group for just a second, shall we?

Personally , I think it's just incredibly cool how all of Conan's fans have taken to the internet in force (and I'm including myself here) to show their support of Mr. O'Brien and his staff.

I believe that the whole "I'm With CoCO" movement (which was initiated by LA based artist Mike Mitchell), is about the coolest and most productive way for Conan's fans to come together and weather the 7 month drought without our favorite ginger kid.

I know that for me that the Facebook group dedicated to this cause has both been a tremendous source of entertainment and nostalgia.

It also happens to be insanely distracting ... but whatever.

I'm just going to have to learn to have my CoCo fixes in moderation, I guess. ;)

Anyway, I do want to say one thing about Conan's fanbase overall. Not only are Conan's fans some of the most intensely passionate around but it particularly strikes me that his fans are also some of the most creative , fun and intelligent kids that you could hope to run across on the internets.

I'm pretty sure that's why I felt compelled to dedicate part of a blog post to their ever-growing Facebook group. I sincerely believe that the continued fan support of Conan online is the truest testament to how moronic NBC really was for giving us "The Jay Leno Show: Part II".

If we ever needed any more evidence on how out of touch Jeff Zucker and company really are, then this this is probably it. Nearly a million fans (and counting) can't be wrong.....right?

I also believe that Conan (who has recently taken to entertaining us on Twitter) is a very smart man for taking advantage of social networking in his own right. In a world of webcasts and general internet entertainment, Conan should definitely use his online resources to his advantage. There are plenty of ways that Conan can play his cards in the next 7 months that would continue to keep him viable and comedically limber.

While Jay continues on with his very safe late night show, Conan could take the next 7 months to reinvent his act for a new network while continuing to build his fan base in various interesting, innovative and hilarious ways.

That's not even touching on this possible Conan O'Brien stage show that I keep reading about.

Obviously -- Conan is going to be a-okay in the long run, as will his loyal fans. I'm positive that in the coming months that he's got many fun surprises up his sleeve for all of us. I seriously can't wait to see how the "CoCo Online Saga" eventually unfolds.

In the meantime -- here is a list of ten of my favorite CoCo clips that have been happily circulating around the web recently.

Watch em' now before the trolls over at NBC make em disappear! ;)

#10) Conan and the 'Super Mario Set'

#9) Oscar Party Photos (and impromptu strip tease ;)

#8) CoCo vs. Stripper Pole

#7) Conan Bobs for Apples

#6) Robot on the Toilet Malfunction

#5) Norm ruins CoCo's promos

#4) Labamba drinks Tofurkey Soda

(Sorry about the crappy video quality, but it's totally worth it:)

#3) Jeff Goldblum and Conan Exchange 'Eye Jelly'

#2) Conan 'Takes it Off' for Mary-Kate Olsen

#1) Conan REALLY Likes the Lower Back Tat!

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