Saturday, April 3, 2010

Andy Rehfeldt May Be My New Hero

Do you think that Metallica and smooth jazz make for strange bedfellows?

Well keep reading. ;)

Today I have been cooped up inside (on a beautiful day, mind you) because I have been putting together a reel of motion pieces for a student art show (which opens on Monday Wednesday).

I'll admit, being stuck inside on a pretty day just to meet a deadline kind of sucks. However, this is actually a fun gig. I've basically been handed a stack of DVDs with several student's motion pieces and have been put in charge of stringing them together so that they can be looped during the show.

Simple enough.

The interesting thing is that one of the pieces prominently features the classic Metallica track, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

For the record, Metallica happened to be one of the many staples of my high school music collection, so I still have a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart for them.

Despite the fact that I think that Lars Ulrich is a certified douche, I pretty much believe that The Black Album and much of what predated it account for some of the most masterful heavy metal music ever committed to tape.

Getting back to the art show reel, For Whom the Bell Tolls certainly falls well within the era of Metallica that I can gleefully tolerate.

However , as a consequence of tweaking this reel for several hours today , I have had to hear that song repeated many, many times. Quite frankly, it was starting to make me a little crazy.

Imagine my surprise when (after finally finishing the reel) I stop for a "Twitter break" and randomly stumbled across this beauty :

No -- Metallica hasn't suddenly morphed into a jazz fusion act. However, after seeing this, there is a part of me that now secretly wishes that they would!:)

The musical mastermind behind the re-dubbing of Enter Sandman (and many other metal classics) is Los Angeles based musician, Andy Rehfeldt. He has been recently featured on MTV's Buzzworthy blog (which you can find HERE). You should also should totally check out his Twitter page HERE and his Youtube page over HERE. ;)

Not only did this effectively clear the pallet from the marathon repeats of For Whom The Bell Tolls, but it also just made me smile like an idiot. Granted, this may not do anything for some of you metal purists out there.

However, it definitely made the metal head, jazz nerd and lover of general oddities that I am a very happy girl. ;)

Andy are now officially my new hero. Bravo, sir! ;)


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