Thursday, April 1, 2010

Year One

First things first. Lets get one little thing out of the way....

You're welcome. ;)

In other news, today has just been crazy awesome for yours truly.

Today I was briefly mentioned on (former Tonight Show) blogger Aaron Bleyart's blog. I was a finalist for a contest to name the Macbook Pro that Bley will be blogging from on Conan O'Brien's Not Legally Prohibited to be Funny on Television Tour.

My suggestion ("The iBley") unfortunately didn't win. However, it was apparently cool enough to be a finalist and to get a mention on his blog (which you can check out here). Apparently, I am also getting some sort of (possibly questionable) snack from Bley's Matt Damon lifetime achievement awards goodie bag as a runner-up prize.

Seriously -- I'm kind of way too excited about this! The mention + the Matt Damon snack have got to be one of the coolest slices of random that I've ever been somewhat a part of. least not since I saw Sylvester Stallone getting in trouble at customs in Sydney, Australia.

No -- I'm not kidding.

Anyway, it's still pretty awesome and I'm pretty stoked about being a runner-up. Thanks Bley! :)

Today I also got another piece of news that was so good that I almost thought it was April Foolery. I got a call-back for a potential internship in Los Angeles, California!

Needless to say, that phone call pretty much made my day! The company is called i am that girl and they deal with (among other things) the promotion of females being passionate, beautiful and strong on their terms. It's very cool stuff and (as I said before) I am incredibly excited to get a call-back from them! We'll definitely have to see how things go with regards to that offer....but I'll keep you guys posted. ;)

Finally, not only is today April Fools day (hence the completely creepy 'Rick Roll'), but it was also one year ago today that I officially launched Out the Other Side! baby's growing up so fast! Seriously, were does all the time go?

A year ago I started this blog as a sort place to spew randomness / quasi-portfolio / bouncing off point for all of my creative inclinations. I sort of put this thing out there on a half-whim and have been pleasantly surprised to see that people are still interested after this long. That's nothing short of being completely miraculous to me and I am insanely thankful to every one of you who check this blog out and have given feedback over the last 12 months.

The coolest thing about posting on Out the Other Side is that it has allowed me to connect to so many other fabulous creatives. Hopefully I will continue to inspire you guys as much as you have me. :)

Anyway, in honor of Out the Other Side's first birthday, I have taken the liberty of giving the header (and color pallet) a little overhaul. My twitter page has also gotten a fresh makeover, so if you haven't checked that out yet, then you can do that over here. ;)

I hope that you guys dig the new look. I initially wasn't so sure about moving to an all white background for this blog. However, the longer it stays this way, the more I really love it. I'm pretty excited about brightening up the blog (in my own morbidly special way) just in time for spring and summer.

I also wanted to share my new favorite song with you guys. This is "Strapped for Cash" by Fountains of Wayne (from their 2007 album Traffic and Weather). Seriously -- why did I never pay attention to these guys after "Stacy's Mom"? This song is brilliant!

Anywho, given the fact that I am preparing for a big move within the next month or two, I figured what better way to usher in springtime than with a funky, upbeat, horn drenched, energetic ode to being broke.

Think about it. It totally fits. ;)

In any case, enjoy!

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